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6VD1 cam timing marks

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6VD1 cam timing marks

Postby Los536 » Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:26 am

Hey Guys, ive got a 94 Isuzu Bighorn/Trooper that I have just put back together after doing the head gaskets, went to fire it up but has no compression & blowing out the intake so I suspect Ive got the cam timing out on one bank.

It is a 6VD1 engine but the earlier type with a chain linking the two cams together on each side not a gear, cant find any information or diagrams on this configuration anywhere on the net, so is there a guru or someone who has this setup here that can help? I found two marks for the cam pulley on the right side, may have got them mixed up.

Any help would be great, Cheers, Karl
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