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4ja1t vs 4jg22 - pros and cons ?

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4ja1t vs 4jg22 - pros and cons ?

Postby DDAndrade » Thu May 03, 2018 6:41 pm

Hi from Portugal.

I have a doubt that probably you guys can answer.

I've blow out for the 2nd time my 4jg2T (due to non original spares, and other reasons :? :roll: )
but here in Portugal, usually they ask for a complete motor (without accessories) more than 1200€.
but now appear what can be a god business for me, a complete 4ja1T for 500/600€

It will be put a fuel pump with 12/13 piston and a hybrid 23/59 turbo with original shell (it was already installed in my 3.1)

I know that 4ja1t is low in power (76hp), but if with a VP44 they can get 100hp, with a modified mechanical pump, should have more.
and I also know that is less 600cc, but, when I see putting 200+hp in a Nissan TD27 without problem, we see that CC is not always important.

What I need is help about pros and cons about 4ja1T against 4jg2T.

thank you guys
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Re: 4ja1t vs 4jg22 - pros and cons ?

Postby geeves » Fri May 04, 2018 3:59 pm

4ja1 is direct injection This means you cant use your current pump without further mods but it is better able to handle power mods. Also you get easier starting etc . Should have no trouble fitting and the power loss will not be noticable. The older 4jb1t can be modified to more power than a 4jg2 can safely handle
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