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big horn springs and shocks in wizard

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big horn springs and shocks in wizard

Postby YuriTaylor » Mon Sep 12, 2016 8:04 pm

ive been told the big horn springs and shocks will fit in my 97 wizard and will give the back about a 50mm lift and with the front a ball joint flip will bring the front up to match.

Positives and negatives of ball joint flip, things to look out for.

And anyone can confirm the bighorn spring will lift the back up ?
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Re: big horn springs and shocks in wizard

Postby geeves » Tue Sep 13, 2016 6:58 am

Bighorn springs and shocks fit. True
They give a 50mm lift. Unlikely
Ball joint flip gives a 50mm lift False on Isuzus
Shocks make essentially no difference to ride height
Springs Better to get new springs but I have a set of lwb springs here you can try. They might give you 10 or 20mm but no promises. I bought new Cobra springs from SAS in Hutt Road at a good price They can also sort some nice rear shocks. I put extra raised in the swb bighorn and they might be more suited to the lwb or wizard. They were just short of a 100mm lift on the bighorn
Front suspension is adjustable on the wizard Just wind the torsion bar.
The Ball joint flip allows more down travel after a lift and makes setting the wheel alignment easier. You will need an alignment after the lift
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