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A FIX - To the dreaded rear MU brakes.

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A FIX - To the dreaded rear MU brakes.

Postby topgun94 » Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:02 pm

Hey guys.
Been a while since i posted on here but thought i would throw up some of the stuff i have been mucking around with.
If you read my Build thread on my MU I don't use a cable to activate my handbrake, instead i use a drift style handbrake that i have mounted under the car, activated by the original in cab handbrake handle.

My problem then was that my calipers started to leak from the back of the caliper where the handbrake would normally be activated. To combat this i rebuilt the caliper only for it to happen again.
As a more pernament fix i bought another old set of calipers and started playing. What if you could weld it up and delete the problem all together? Below circled is what i would try to delete.
BRAKE 1.jpg

brake 8.jpg

My local brake shop had a contact who said they could do this.
I sent the brakes off and two weeks later recieved the below.
BRAKE 2.jpg

I was bloody stoked. Hooked them up under the car, started to bleed them and before i even had the car on with the brake booster on they leaked. After some investigation i realised that my brake shops hook up was average sub par.
brake 4.jpg

brake 5.jpg

Refusing to be beaten i rang the old man who himself was a boiler maker for 25 years. He told me about some special welding rods he used to use for dissimiliar metals or cast metals with unknown metal content. He told me that he suspected we would have a way better chance of holding any fluid if we could get a plug machined up to fit the hole and weld them in place. I managed to get a few machined up and sent it all off to the old man to get plugged.
brake 6.jpg

brake 7.jpg

While it might not look as pretty. I have been driving around now for 6 months with absolutely NO LEAKS!!! Now if i need to rebuild calipers it is only the slide pins and main piston seal not the original handbrake garbage. The handbrake now work an aboslute treat and i have so much more confidence in the braking capability of my MU.
I do acknoweldge that this is for off road use only....
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