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Loss of Power?

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Loss of Power?

Postby wgripp » Mon Nov 18, 2019 5:25 am


Ladies and Gentlemen, I live in the US. I have a 1991 Isuzu MU imported from Japan. My vehicle has the 2.8 turbo diesel motor. I do not have an intercooler. It also has the 5-speed manual transmission.

The past two times I've tried to drive it, I haven't been able to get any power. The truck starts and idles without issue. When I start driving it, the truck feels sluggish. After a short amount of time, the truck has no power whatsoever and is only able to creep along.

Furthermore, the truck has a burning smell coming from the engine bay. The best I can tell, it's coming from the left (the vehicle's left) side of the engine bay. It smells like burned rubber or plastic. I don't see any smoke.

I searched the forums. The symptoms I'm experiencing seem similar to many members who have an issue with their fuel delivery system (i.e. cracked lines, bad fuel filter, bad fuel pump, etc.). As noted in my previous thread, I have a new fuel filter on the way. (Thanks for your help with the part numbers!) It won't arrive until the end of the month. However, when I hit the primer pump, the fuel comes through without issue. With that said, am I correct in my assumption that it isn't the fuel filter?

Other members who had issues with the fuel system reported that priming the fuel pump helped. This is not the case for me. I got stranded yesterday. I pulled over twice to prime the pump, but it did not help at all.

Also, the harder I push the engine, the worse the burning smell gets. Is it possible the burning smell is coming from a burned out fuel pump? Also, yesterday when the truck died on me, I had to rev it hard to get home. Assuming my issue is a problem with the fuel delivery system, what damage could I have done by pushing the motor when it was running lean?

I've also read issues like this can be caused by the turbo wastegate and by a clogged air filter. Does anyone have any articles on how to check the turbo?

Regarding the air intake, I'd like to install a cold air intake kit on the truck (but not a snorkel). Before I try to order the correct air filter for the stock air box, does anyone know of any manufacturers who make cold air intakes for our vehicles? (Holy crap. There are a lot of twists and turns in the tubing for the stock air box.)

Thanks again for your help!
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Re: Loss of Power?

Postby geeves » Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:02 pm

First diesels cant run lean as such. They are not like gasoline engines.
Does the burning smell smell like burnt brakes or electrics?
When the engine runs out of power does the engine rev but nothing else or does it slog down and cant get off idle
What smoke comes out the exhaust?
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Re: Loss of Power?

Postby turnturn » Mon Nov 18, 2019 5:42 pm

Maybe the exhaust butterfly that is part of the QWS? I had one of these jam years ago and the vehicle was really gutless. I pro-actively remove/disable them now.
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