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Radiator pressure and bubbling

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Radiator pressure and bubbling

Postby Skynite » Sat May 27, 2017 2:07 pm

Hi guys need a big help...
I own a isuzu 4jg2 intercooler turbo bighorn.
Recently had an issue of water reducing at Rad when run for short distances and when I check next day morning, water is reduced a bit (a bit less than half a litter). And at long run, it pulls water from then subtank. And the level in rad is ok bt subtank reduced. So I got it chkd, Rad was bubbling on start without the CAP. So assumed gasket was the issue.
Replaced gasket, put new valves , head was check for cracks,
Engine was fixed up but the problem was still not solved.
Tightend head bolts again. Didn't solve
Removed the gasket again and put another, stil not solved
Doesn't seem to have a problem in the block. Looked good. Previous owner had done a rebuild with new sleeves on it. But yet the Rad is bubbling and water pours out.
But engine doesn't overheat, it never did even before at first attempt to remove the engine.
Temp gauge works properly.
No oil it the coolent or no white smoke, no white slug on oil cap. No water on engine oil. Waterpump has no sound or play,
Only problem is that it bubbles and reduces a water abit, and when I open the RAD cap next morning it releases pressure.
I flushed the RAD once but it's abit dirty inside yet.
What could be the reason? Would a RAD block create such issue? I didn't do anything with the Heatercore as to get the air out of the RAD system. What could this probably be?
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Re: Radiator pressure and bubbling

Postby geeves » Sun May 28, 2017 4:08 pm

that really sounds like a cracked head
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