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Dusted engine rebuild 4jb1-t

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Dusted engine rebuild 4jb1-t

Postby Lagwagoning » Sat Dec 15, 2018 2:18 pm

Have picked up an old ute with apparent dusted engine.
Owner said his air filter was faulty with the glue not sealing the bottom and hence has sucked in a heap of dirt and dust, he lived in a dusty environment on a large farm.
The turbo blew and was removed, I've put an old one on and it runs fine, just down a bit down on power and a fair bit of blow-by.
All the air intake was caked in a crusted dust n oil mix so this engine has definately sucked in a heap of crap.
I want to rebuild it for one of our farm Utes as one just packed it in, the small (idler I think) timing gear bolts snapped off and gears shredded and made a hell of a mess.
The dusted engine is from an early model, 91 with 275k on clock and my ute is a 2001.
My questions are.....
1. Will the later model turbo and fuel pump fit on the older model?
2. Are both engines ex-factory the same power spec? From what I can remember the later models have a few more kw's.
3. Besides the usual replaceable internals, is there anything to be wary of in an engine that's been dusted? Say any unfamiliar damage that could of occurred.
4. Any recommendations on rebuilt kits, I want to source the best I can get, made in Japan.......if this is possible nowadays.

Many thanks
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