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Tired engine...

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Tired engine...

Postby K1WIGUY » Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:31 pm

Hello, I have a manual 1994 Mu with the 4jg2 engine which was slowly losing power over the time I have owned it. The turbo always sounded like a turboprop engine slowing down every time you turned the engine off.

A mate of mine installed a new turbo and intercooler and changed the oil from 10w/30 to 5w/30 and the engine didn't like it and only did about 50km towards home and started blowing oil into the air feeding pipe just after the air filter and it had gone everywhere and is dripping out of the topmounted intercooler. It now smokes badly on start up...

One macanic I took it to said that over 50% of the compression is going past the rings. Another said it tired and I shouldn't have bothered putting the new turbo on. (He obviously doesn't know how cool Mus are :D ) I have had suggested to put 10w40 oil in and use it as is and keep topping it up as required.

I have just brought new 32x11.5 Maxxis bighorns and 15x8 rims for it along with new springs and a MCC winchbar

I would love to know what other ideas any club members have.

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Re: Tired engine...

Postby geeves » Tue Jun 13, 2017 6:41 am

go back to 15w 40 oil and make sure its a good diesel oil. It may help but its not expensive if it doesnt Unfortuanatly the diagnosis sounds correct. If you take the oil filler off is there lots of smoke?
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