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reverse light switch location 2013 D-Max

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reverse light switch location 2013 D-Max

Postby Dannyboy1077 » Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:30 am

Hello Everyone this is my 1st post, i have tried to use the search button but i couldnt find what im locking for.

i am located in the UK and i have a 2013 yukon double cab manual transmission DMax 2.5TDi 120kW. it recently got MOT'ed and when i got home i realised the reverse light was constantly on. i havent gone back to the garage as i think it would turn into a fruitless argument as it was fine when you picked it up shout. i have taken the bulb out as not to drain the battery.

i think what has happened is somehow they have managed to stick the reverse light switch in a constant on position or it is a coincidence its gone or damaged.

or i am totally wrong and it is something else. either way, has this happened to anyone before and does anyone have a picture or FSM diagram of the location of the RL switch to replace it.

Thanks in advance

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