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1990 2.6 Pickup No Fire

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1990 2.6 Pickup No Fire

Postby Ironheadchop » Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:54 am

Hello all, I am still trying to figure out what is wrong with my pickup. Replaced the coil, cap, and the rotor and still it just cranks. Had a local guy come and he said i have power at the coil and am getting plenty of fuel. He said more than likely the ICM or (power switch) was bad. I went to the parts store and picked up a new power switch. I took it off from under the manifold and made a ground wire for it as it needs a ground to work and still have no spark. It just cranks and cranks. Opened up the oil cap and had a buddy crank it and everything is turning like it should so that leads me to believe its not a broke timing chain. Short of trying a new distributor or ecm im at a loss. I cant find the ECM on this pickup either. Hoping someone here may have some more insight for me. 
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Re: 1990 2.6 Pickup No Fire

Postby DonaldNZ » Tue Apr 16, 2019 4:39 pm

take a photo of the distributor with the cap and rotor removed and post it here.

Do you have a 12v test light, mine is a 12v 5w bulb with one end connected to a wire and clip the other a metal pointy thing designed to slip under your nail in a jiffy and fill the swear jar.

find the ignition coil

does the coil have 2 thin wires [low tension ] and one thicker rubberised one {high tension ht] hooked up toi the middel of the distributor cap ?

put the clip onto the battery terminal minus [ - ]

poke the low tension wires , [DON'T join them by clumsy poking or this may be bad] one at a time with the key on and see if bulb glows

if it does poke one at a time while cranking, does one stay on and one flash ?

Do you have a led, diode, 1 k resistor, wire , solder and a soldering iron ?

report your findings

Kind regards Donald
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