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4wd won't engage isuzu wizard

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4wd won't engage isuzu wizard

Postby Natek235 » Sun Jul 29, 2018 9:02 pm

HI all, I'm having trouble with engaging 4wd. I have a 96 isuzu wizard, motors a 4jg2 turbo deisel. Model# UCS69GW. Now I've only had the truck a short while, and have been getting it back up to roadworthy standard as the previous owner was careless. So today, first time taking it off road and 4x4 wouldn't engage. Manual locking hubs, gear shifter from 2wd to 4h and 4l. No lights on dash no nothing. With gear in 4wd position the shaft won't turn like it does in 2wd. I'm unfamiliar with 4x4 so any advice on what I should look for or try next would be appreciated! Nate
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