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DIY - EGR REMOVAL (link only)

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DIY - EGR REMOVAL (link only)

Postby Pissy » Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:24 am

I wish to thank muzila for this GREAT piece on How to Remove the EGRs

From my very "BASIC" knowledge I believe EGR stands for Environmental Gas Recirculation where a small portion of exhaust gases are recirculated back into the engine to ensure clearer Exhaust emissions (A Japanese idea), but I stress that I could wrong here, if I am, could someone please advise me the true definition and I will edit this post via a PM (personal message).

Cleans up engine Bay
Make room for a dual battery setup
No power/economy loss or gain

Over time these units fail and really just do nothing but look ugly.
No one is really sure the legal about taking it off as Australian and NZ cars do not have EGRs at all, but knowing that its meant to help reduce emissions then it might be legal issue?

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