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FAQ - Resetting The Timing Belt Light

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FAQ - Resetting The Timing Belt Light

Postby pig75 » Sat May 09, 2009 9:05 am

Resetting The Timing Belt Light
Removing the instrument cluster
This is for a 92 MU
undo the screws under the light and wiper switches and remove the cover by pulling toward the steering wheel and unplug the switch wires


Then undo the steering column cover and remove

Then there are two screws holding the bottom of the dash board in and two further up. Remove them


Then the dash will come out a bit and remove the speedo cable. I find it easer to pop the dash pod a bit so i can get to the cable. Then unplug the wires on the dash

The later model MU's have a electronic speedo so it will be easer as there is no cable
Reseting the light
Find the two screw holes marked KSW and move the screw from one side to the other. This will reset the light
The light should come on at 100,000 km but most of the Speedos have been wound back the light could come on at any time
There are two odometers one for the light which is hidden the other is the one you can see which often gets wound back
Early model

Later model


Timing belt must be replaced after 100,000 km of vehicle operation.
When the odometer reading reaches 100,000 km, the timing belt indicator light will turn on to remind the
driver to change the timing belt.
After replacing the timing belt, the timing belt indicator light must be reset to remind the driver to replace
the timing belt after the next 100,000 km.
Timing Belt Indicator Light Reset Procedure
1. Remove the masking tape from the hole B.
2. Remove the screw from the hole A and install it to
the hole B.
3. Apply new masking tape to the hole A.
The above procedure assumes that the timing belt is
being replaced for the first time (after 100,000 km).
For subsequent reset procedure (at next 100,000 km),
hole positions will be the opposite of the above
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