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FAQ Steering shaft seal replacement.

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FAQ Steering shaft seal replacement.

Postby Yarno » Thu Jun 04, 2009 4:16 pm

Many thanks to Mulover for this detailed description on power steer seal replacement

Hi all, it was suggested to start a thread about replacing this seal as it seems to be a common problem, so i will do my best to describe the way i do it.
OK, so first of all, jack up the side of your truck and support on a axle stand, and remove tyre.
Remove the rubber flap, you will probably break the plastic clips so you may have to use cable ties when you put it back on.


Now remove the bolt that claps the shaft to the splines on the unit (12mm head), you have to fully remove it or the shaft won't come off, then mark the position of the shaft
in relation to the splines, so you know where to put it back on, then slide the shaft off.


Remove the dust cap by sliding it off, being careful not to rip it, and fully clean the unit with degreaser or the likes.

Now the fun begins!!

Remove the circlip form the shaft.


Now using a drill, drill a hole suitable to start a self tapping screw into the outside of the seal, through its metal body. Insert the screw and slowly turn it to lift out the seal. It may take a few goes to get it out, (and a few drill bits!!).

Remove the seal and clean the surfaces of the unit.

Now install the seal with a little grease on its edges, and reassemble the unit.

I've dragged the seal number from the original post on this so its in the same place. The seal you want is a TC12447, or 22mm outside diameter, 35mm inside diameter, and 7mm thick. I would recommend going genuine parts!!
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