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DIY Engine fault codes 4ZE1

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 4:50 pm
by pig75
To check the fault codes plug the two wires together near the accelerator pedal with the ignition on and the code will be displayed as follows
1. Each code is represented by two groups of 0.4 second pulses separated by a 1.2 second pause
2. The first group represents tens, the seconds group represents units. For example 3 0.4 second pulses followed by a 1.2 second pause followed by 5 0.4 second pulses would indicate fault code 35
3. If more than one code is in memory each code will be displayed in ascending order
4. Code 12 is displayed 3 times proceeding the fault code
5. The fault code display will be repeated
6. If no fault codes are present code 12 will be displayed repeatedly
To clear codes, switch ignition off, disconnect the battery for 20 seconds
The plugs to read the codes have the red circle's

12 no faults
13 oxygen sensor
14 coolant temp sensor
15 coolant temp sensor
21 throttle switch
22 starter signal
23 ignition system
25 pressure regulator VSV
33 fuel injectors
35 ignition system
41 crank angle sensor
43 throttle switch
44 oxygen sensor (lean)
45 oxygen sensor (rich)
51 ECU error
52 ECU error
53 pressure regulator VSV
54 ignition system
61 air flow sensor
62 air flow sensor
63 vehicle speed sensor
64 fuel injectors
65 throttle switch

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