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FAQ - Chassis Failures on 3.1 td Isuzu 93-96

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FAQ - Chassis Failures on 3.1 td Isuzu 93-96

Postby Yarno » Sun May 10, 2009 12:32 pm

"Chassis Frame crack' Recall was notified on June 18th 2003.It currently APPLIES TO ALL 1993-1996

The Failure of the weld attaching the lower panhard/ suspension arm "does result in adverse consequences to the vehicles running stability..you will quite simply die if it happens a speed or while cornering..

Attached is the Recall summary:
During manufacturing of the subject vehicles, the weld at the frame curve was not per specifications.
Therefore, the weld strength may be inadequate and could subsequently crack causing the metal fittings holding the front lower axle lower link bracket to become dislodged. The driver would experience noise and after continued driving "there could be consequences adverse to the drivers stability if the fittings come off the frame."..

I would suggest that if you own any Isuzu vehicle built from between 92' and 96' to please check the welds around the front lower suspension arms...or contact your nearest GM Holden for further information.
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