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FAQ - Stuck hand brake cables

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FAQ - Stuck hand brake cables

Postby Yarno » Sun May 10, 2009 12:45 pm

To get them moving again pour kerosene + an engine oil down them.
You'll need new boot ends -
Ive solved my boot problem so should have no more handbrake cable issues (hope) Went into pick-a-part and got 2 boots off Nissan Sentra clutch cables The Nissan Sunny ones are the same Total cost $2 The one on the rear is a tight fit and a fraction long but if the narrow end is left on the shank of the cable eye it is good and probably seals better here anyway The one on the front required 2 zip ties to tighten a little bit.

OR for new ones-
I got some new ones made by a guy who works out of his garage here in chch. Was about $150 for a new one, made by hand, looks the same, fits the same, and new rubber boots (the best bit). My handbrake has never been so good. He just needs a sample of the old one. All the wreckers here in chch are generally out of the cables.
I can't remember how to get hold of him and would have to dig around to find the receipt. I may have been referred to him by Safe R brakes.... I can't remember.
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