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FAQ - MU gearbox manual

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FAQ - MU gearbox manual

Postby Yarno » Sun May 10, 2009 1:03 pm

The complete model for Mu`s gearbox it`s: MUA 5C-T

and its gear ratios are: (to 1)

1st = 3.767
2nd = 2.314
3rd = 1.404
4th = 1.000
5th = 0.809
Rev = 3.873

4H = 1.000
4L = 2.283

Gearbox oil capacity: 2.95 lts
Transfer oil capacity: 1.45 lts

Fully synthetic diesel grade engine oil is all that is required for the gearbox and transfer case, don't use gearbox oil in an Isuzu box..engine oil only..and for easy shifts use a 10-40/50 grade.
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