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Isuzu from South Africa

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Isuzu from South Africa

Postby DirtyHarry » Mon Dec 12, 2016 8:00 pm


My name is Harry, I am from sunny South Africa. I have a 2003 KB 300 TDI with 4JH1 engine, very similar to the 280 but has electronic injection and auto front lockers.

The vehicle was my Dads since 2008 until last year. i have nagged him since day one, that when he gets his replacement, that this comes to me. Finally that day came true last year April sometime. I have not done much since, but am focusing on sorting out the niggles next year.

These are the only pics I have currently
How it looked when my Dad had it




How it looks now

I need to spend a bit of time and tidy her up a bit. I would like to make a snorkel like below, as I do not like the mass production ones running down the side of the fender.

Add ons include the following:
3" lift - recently fitted need to get new pics
extra fuel tank
Warn winch
Front bullbar bumper
Extra spots - not sure on spec
Camping canopy with compartments for kitchen and toolbox
Drawer system with fridge slider.

Sound system comprises of an Alpine head unit, Alpine type-g 5 1/2" split system with an Infiniti 4ch amp and a 10" Targa sub. It is enough for a 4x4.

That's about it. I would like to add a Lokka diff lock to the front, unless someone could suggest another solution? I need to sort out my tyres as they are better suited for the city slickers. I need to add a switch for the front axle to engage as the wires are damaged, no point fixing it to the solenoid to come loose again. The speedo works when it wants to, I have replaced the sensor and cluster, so if anyone knows where I can look, PLEASE share.

That's about it other than a general tidy up. I love this vehicle and there's not much I can replace it with in its price.

comments and suggestions welcome.

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