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Bighorn from NZ

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Bighorn from NZ

Postby Sensation » Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:27 pm

Hi all,

New member from New Zealand here. A quick background about myself, I grew up with my father owning a used car dealership and bringing in alot of Isuzu Bighorns and Wizards from Japan. All kinds, from 3 doors, 5 doors, Lotus tuned models etc. Now I work in car sales myself, for an Isuzu dealership selling the new D Max pick ups and MU-X SUVs. Also sell the brand new right hand drive Ram pick ups too.

So i've always been around Isuzu's and now that i'm selling them I wanted to get one of my own, a cheap project. I picked this up as part of a deal for a brand new Isuzu MU-X.
It was imported to NZ from Japan in 2001, and the guy who I got it from has owned it since then and has every single service invoice since then. It's been well looked after and was in perfect condition when he pulled in to my dealership so I told him I had to have it. He was quite pleased when I told him I wasnt joking that I will be buying it from my boss, as he said it was part of the family and didnt want to see it go to a wrecker yard or sold at a cheap car auction to just anyone.

It's a 1995 Isuzu Bighorn LS Fieldstar. With the 3.1L Turbo Diesel and Auto, would of been nice to grab a 5 speed manual but this was to good to say no.
Currently sitting on 306,000KM (190,000 miles). The option code list is good too, AISIN manual locking hubs, electric folding/heated mirrors, premium alloy wheel package and it had some rust protection sprayed on from what the guy could translate from the handbook he found in it back in 2001.


For now i'm just going to give it a good once over, check everything and replace any parts that are aged. I've already converted all the interior lamps to LED and next step is throwing out the horrible factory radio and speakers.
I'll eventually change it to more overland vehicle as it's already well setup, will just need basics like a lift, better tires, camping setup etc.
I'm only here for the information
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