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How to Upload Pictures

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How to Upload Pictures

Postby Pissy » Thu May 14, 2009 2:03 pm

To upload pics,

You must either start a thread or click the main REPLYPOST button, the quick reply buttom does let you post pics.
Once you written your content or you can write nothing, click on the Upload Attachment tab which is found under the SAVE PREVIEW SUBMIT buttons.

Find the pic by browsing through your own computer files, select and open it.
It should appear in the filename: line, you can now name it or not and hit the "Add the file" .

How to upload 11.JPG

A small box with pics id will appear, again you can name it/write a description or leave it clear.

How to upload 2.JPG

You can preview your pic by clicking on the blue pic id tag, but make sure you only use the back button after viewing it and not the close button( you know if you have done it or not,..LOL) or you'll have to reload to the main web page and start all over again.

Now find click on the spot in your post and hit the "Place inline" button, under your pic id tag
The attachment will now pop up, repeat this for multiple pics

How to upload 3.JPG

Always check and hit Preview and see the what it will look like and if any more edits needed.

HIT Submit after you have checked post in the preview mode.

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Re: How to Upload Pictures

Postby pig75 » Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:46 pm

Also keep the picture size under 200kb each
640x480 should keep the size under 200kb
Any picture editing program can do this
Or you can use this program it's small and basic

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