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Bonnet swapsies

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Bonnet swapsies

Postby DaffyDuck » Thu Oct 13, 2016 7:03 pm

Hi all, I have an '89 Rodeo/Faster.
A previous owner has cut a hole in the bonnet and fitted an air scoop to feed the Intercooler they have also added to the 4jb1-T engine...
It is missing the ducting for the intercooler, but the bonnet is also a mess, a little rusty and the DIY hole is rough as guts, not to mention it looks like someone has be walking on the bonnet so it's dented to boot...
I thought perhaps I could just buy a whole new bonnet, perhaps even one that has a factory hole for the air intake... Could someone please advise what bonnets from which models fit my car, assuming there might be several interchangeable parts... then I can go on a hunt for a nice one, or if you have something that would suit, message me! cheers ears
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