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Clutch issue on Mt. Trip

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Clutch issue on Mt. Trip

Postby IsuzuCamper » Wed Feb 12, 2020 5:28 am

I hadn't had any clutching issue till I just took the 1992 Rodeo on a trip to southern colorado. I climbed to the top of Red Mt. Pass, when I stopped for a minute, I couldn't get it back into gear. Finally after some double clutching I got it in gear and down to SIlverton. I got it back home today. Had to take a break between Vail pass and Loveland pass. I checked the fluid and it's old and blackish. Is there any other issues I should be looking for besides the old clutch fluid? Before I dig around the internet I would ask how to change it. Didn't lose any fluid, It was like water when I checked it.

Cheers Mates

I'll post a couple photos from the trip. Took me a few hours of shoveling to get the rid in the yard. My house got 2 ft. when I was gone
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Re: Clutch issue on Mt. Trip

Postby geeves » Wed Feb 12, 2020 2:01 pm

Most likely thing is air has got past a seal into the clutch system. It could be a bad seal in the master or slave cylinder or it might just be old fluid. (to go black takes a very long time). Try bleeding the clutch first. Get a cheap syringe from your local chemist (no needle) and use that to suck as much fluid out of the resivior as you can. Replace this with clean new fluid. Now with the help of a friend Get them to sit in the car with the window open. Get under the car and find the 10mm nut on the side of the slave cylinder. Put a piece of clear hose on the nipple on this bolt and put one end in a jar. Loosen the nut and get the freind to push the clutch pedal to the floor and hold it there. Fluid will squirt down the hose into the jar. Tighten the nut and get your friend to release the pedal. Repeat as many times as required to get clean fluid coming out the hose. Every 3 or 4 pedal pushes check and top up the fluid in the resivior. Also when you are under the car prise back the cover on the end of the slave cylinder and check that its clean and dry inside. If it is wet with oil replace the slave cylinder before bleeding the system
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Re: Clutch issue on Mt. Trip

Postby turnturn » Wed Feb 12, 2020 6:15 pm

Also check the master cylinder from in the cab. They sometimes leak and run down the firewall. Generally you can also smell the brake fluid when this happens. Replace this also if leaking.
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