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95 2.8 isuzu mu

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95 2.8 isuzu mu

Postby Haley » Mon Nov 22, 2021 12:35 pm

Jumping on here to hopefully get some answers as to why my isuzu mu won’t start before spending big bucks to send her into the shop. So I went to jump in and start her up today and every time I turn the key to start her up my wipers and lights will randomly turn on (even with the switches off) and there will just be a click coming from under the bonnet. (Almost like the starter motor is engaging but not spinning) She is duel battery and both battery are reading fully charged and the voltage on the dash is at 12v (doesn’t change when I turn the key on) it seem to be glowing fine before trying to start it. Have checked all fuses which seem to be fine, I have cleaned all terminals and checked the earths for corrosion etc but they all seem to be fine. She started just yesterday with no issues but something has happened over night. It’s got me stumped how the wipers and lights randomly turn on but only when the key is twisted to the start position…

Has anyone experienced this and or can anyone give me any insight into what could be causing this?

2.8 l. 1995 isuzu Mu

Thank you
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Re: 95 2.8 isuzu mu

Postby geeves » Mon Nov 22, 2021 3:45 pm

Could be dud batteries but my money is on the starter except for the light and wiper problem. My first test would be with the car in neutral and ignition off to try bridging the 2 small connectors on the starter to see if the starter works. You can also try bridging the big connectors but if the starter is faulty this can ark. If its just back from the garage it might be worth talking to them about it in case its something they did
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