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Replacing stock 4JG2 turbo

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Replacing stock 4JG2 turbo

Postby Tbrinks » Wed Jul 27, 2022 8:39 am

I have had the dreaded turbo whine down on my '96 UBS69 Bighorn since I bought it over a year ago however with a summer trip around the South Island planned, it is about time I sort it out. I have found lots of info about upgrades to the turbo however am looking at keeping current spec as not towing any huge loads or doing anything silly with the truck. Are there any known reputable copies out there with stock spec? Wouldn't buy second hand as I don't think I would ever trust it not to go bang. Thanks in advance
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Re: Replacing stock 4JG2 turbo

Postby geeves » Wed Jul 27, 2022 4:53 pm

Genuine is easily obtainable but not cheap. Turbo Care in Christchurch can supply and also do slightly modified versions to fit. Of the copies you take your chances. Some are as good as original some wont outlast your current one and there is no way to tell the difference
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