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4JH1TC Low power

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4JH1TC Low power

Postby chcourte » Fri Jan 06, 2023 8:01 am

I have a 2006 Holden Rodeo 4x4 with a isuzu 4JH1TC engine with low power issues.
Engine starts runs fine just seams to have no boost. I have noticed that the vehicle is not blowing any black smoke at all when taking off or driving so i suspect it's a fuel supply issue.
what has been done:
Fuel filter replaced
Air filter replaced
MAF sensor replaced
banjo bolt on fuel pump intake removed and screen checked and cleaned ( Screen was clean when removed)
intake hoses removed and intake side of turbo inspected, no issues evident.
EGR valve checked and blanking gasket made and placed under valve to eliminate
waste gate moved with vice grips to check its not seized.( i would think it would be blowing black smoke if it was a turbo/air supply issue)
No faults active.

My next step is to take it to a shop with an OBD1 reader so i can see the fuel rates. just wondering if anyone has any ideas were to go next??
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4JH1TC engine

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