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switching alternators on 4jg2

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switching alternators on 4jg2

Postby Benihanas » Thu Feb 17, 2022 3:19 am

I followed a previous thread here on the forum (linked below) and I purchased a 110 amp alternator from the usa that came off of a 4bd1... following the instructions Ive come to the point where ive got both alternators out and I notice that one is a round 3 prong plug, 3 wires (L, S, IGN) which I believe to be light, sense , and ignition.

the new alternator has a rectangular 2 prong plug (light and sense)

can I wire this into my truck ? there are alternator shops and mechanics that are telling me no but I have read a post on here where a gentleman does it fine? It also makes sense to me that 2 wires should be fine as long as all of the components are being operated. am I missing something? not sure if its compatible but id love some help !

I have the stock lr160-447E-MR out of the truck and I want to put an LR1110- 501 into it.... I find it confusing that id need to build around the truck and not around the charger/wire ? the batteries are simply charging and sending voltage back? am I missing something?

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Re: switching alternators on 4jg2

Postby DonaldNZ » Tue Jun 14, 2022 8:34 pm

mechanically will it fit?
pulley size?
vacuum pump? no idea

Electrically control wires - yes you should be able to hook up just sense and light.
Ignition wire is used to turn the alternator regulator on.
will the light circuit drive your warning light circuit or charge relay, not sure.

The heavy battery to fuse to alternator wire wont be heavy enough as its good for 60A and you've gone 110amp ,
so I'd not connect the existing battery wire, run a new wire to a new fuse with a 150 A fuse to the alternator battery connection, 150A fuse rather than 120A to avoid nuisance blows.

A word about Hitachi alternators, they are not the best of mainstream Japanese manufactured alternators,
normal automotive alternators are rated at about 2/3 maximum continuous on a 25 degree C day if its doing say at least 5000 alternator rpm
so a 100A alternator good for 60 amp
less on a hot day
Hitachi , less
Hitachi are not so reliable when going hard or full of mud
less if alternator rpm slow

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