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FAQ - Ball Joint Flip

In here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about verious modifications. You will also find some great DIY's for doing mods to your Isuzu. If you have a mod to add here, please contact a member of the FAQ Team.

FAQ - Ball Joint Flip

Postby Pissy » Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:52 am

A Big thanks the "geeves" for this FAQ :D .

A Ball joint flip does nothing in itself to raise an Isuzu.
It is done to overcome a design problem with Isuzu suspension that is only apparent when the suspension is raised.

To raise your front suspension 50mm your model can get away without the flip but its still better with it.

Step one - crack the taper on the upper ball joint Undo the bolts and remove joint.
Two - Reposition joint the same way up on the bottom of the A are and reattach bolts and taper
Three - Disconnect one side of the sway bar
Four - Wind up the torsions to the desired height and check car is level. (its a good idea to spray oil on the adjusters the night before)
Five - reconnect sway bar if desired and have a beer.
Six - get a wheel alignment done at a good tyre shop.
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